Many people face problems with skin tags or moles. Usually, the only solution to this sort of skin problem they’ve heard of is surgery – which can be expensive and somewhat risky. However, a bit of research will reveal some great, much more appropriate alternatives, such as the Dermatend cream.

Does Dermatend Work?

dermatendOf course, it’s normal to be skeptical of a product that claims to get results that ordinarily only surgery would achieve. It can be a bit hard to believe that you can get rid of your skin tags by simply applying the product once a day according to some Dermatend reviews, but it really is the case.

What is it made of?

Not only Dermatend is quick and highly effective, it is also completely natural. The ingredients include Zinc Salts, Vegetable Glycerin, Canadensis, Sanguinaria and Distilled Water. The formula helps reinforcing the immune system, helping it dissolve the tags on the long run – since it’s an all-natural formula, it’s 100% safe.

How does it work?

When it’s applied on the external part of the skin tag, Dermatend penetrates into the skin, getting to the abnormal tissue which causes skin tags. The alkaloids in the Dermatend formula attach to the blemish, slowly removing the bad tissues. When it does that, the body’s immune system comes into action, helping the body heal the tissue, making the tag disappear and the skin turn back to normal over time.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself “Does Dermatend work?” over and over, now you can be sure that it does work and can help with any type of mole or skin tag problem. Some people get their tags removed completely in as little as 10 days – it’s much faster, safer, and a lot less expensive than any other method of skin tag removal.