A considerable number of people in our society want and need to lose some weight. There are multiple reasons for obesity, but high fat and calorie meals combined with a relatively sedentary lifestyle are the most obvious contributors. The first step to weight loss is typically to begin eating a more healthy and nutritious diet.

paleo-dressingPerhaps the first thing that comes to mind for most people needing to change their eating habits is that they should include more salads in their diet. It is true that fresh fruits and vegetables are a great choice when it comes to eating healthy, but using unhealthy dressings on a salad can quickly increase the amount of fat and calories it provides.

The Paleo diet offers better choices when it comes to salad dressings, and there is no need to skimp on flavor and variety. A great homemade paleo salad dressing recipe begins with a healthy oil such as avocado or a high quality olive oil.

Lemon, lime or tomato juice along with some variety of vinegar, spices and herbs gives the dressing a flavorful kick to make a salad interesting. A Paleo recipe book is a valuable guide for people on a diet who are unwilling to give up appetizing foods.